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The Powerful Women’s Luncheon is bringing you a women empowered business workshop! This one-day business workshop is for the savvy business woman who wants to shape her business for ultimate success.

Professional branding is a career basic and an essential element in effective leadership. A correctly defined professional brand makes certain an individual has identified, understands, and can communicate exactly who she is, what she does, and why anyone should care to remember her.

We take those branding elements to the execution action of your brand through Public Relations. The using of the news or business press to carry positive stories about your brand or your products; and cultivating a good relationship with local press representatives is an important key to creating and growth of a successful brand.


The one-day workshop will be hosted by Branding guru, Meagan Lyles of Creatively Flawless Branding Agency & PR powerhouse, Brittni Brown of The Bee Agency Public Relations; both with 5+ years on their respective fields.

 Information about The Powerful Women’s Workshop. Ready to grow or create your business?

There are two, exclusive dates available in June that will serve as a introduction to the workshop series a part of the Powerful Women’s Movement:

Location: In the Black Suites | 277 Gratiot Ave, Detroit, MI 48226
Cost & What the Workshop Includes:  $50 Admission | The Powerful Women’s Workshop includes your reservation, workbook & light refreshments.

* You can only attend one of the two sessions listed. Both are expected to sell out, early reservation is reccomended.

Part I: Branding Your Business
If you’ve ever wanted to create a flourishing brand, The Powerful Women’s Workshop is your one stop shop. We will show you how to create a clear and effective branding concept that will setup the foundation for your entrepreneurial success!

Intermission will include light refreshments for attendees and the opportunity to network with our keynote speakers, entrepreneuers and other business professionals.

Part II: Public Relations
We will introduce you to the way the media operates and how to properly publicize your brand effectively. You will walk away with a better understanding of what is newsworthy about you/your product/your service, and with an easy to follow formula for publicizing your business.

For more questions or concerns email: | Follow us on IG @ThePowerfulWomen